About us

Our way of looking at sail making is just like any other design problem, function vs limitations been those class rules. Inside this small "box" we create and develop the best performing sail. Are looks are important? Ohhh yes, we like them sharp clean and minimal, "less is more"... only carry what is needed to accomplish the job.

Who is your Sailmaker?

Hello, most of you know me by Pedro. I´m based in Lisbon Portugal but had my first RC modelling experience at an early age on the family travels mostly in the Middle East. From a young age I started out with cars and evolved to competing with gliders where most of my background was gained. Thankfully had a great mentor "Baptista Pereira" who taught me everything about model building, at a time where models where still built from scratch using balsa wood, glue and some plans. This was where I learned the value of a sharp knife, accuracy, lighter is normally faster all these principals combined with a sense of respect for every material. These are some of the pillars which carried me during my masters in graphic design and sub-consequently my active career has a Designer. Due to a professional opportunity started sailing with a DF65, even alone at the time quickly was hooked and left the gliders behind. At this time I would not imagine my new hobby would turn out to be a full time passion. From all these life experiences making sails has come to me simply has a natural process. The first works where not great but i could clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel has a few supporting skippers also saw. There are some great sail makers out there, without them knowing many have inspired in determined phases of evolution, therefore my respect for all is great. Aware this is a ever evolving art the search for new and old knowledge is constant always with the goal to make the fastest racing sails possible.

Thank you for your support, lets go racing!

Pedro Machado.