DragonFlite 95 V2 ARTR - Without Radio System

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DragonFlite 95 V2 ARTR - Supplied without radio system.

Everything is in the box: It takes at least a couple of hours to complete the build with the comprehensive instructions by the main designer John Tushingham. The yachts are constructed with servos fitted - fin, ballast & rudder just slot in. The supplied "A" carbon rig is part built ready to attach the sails & sheeting - stand is also supplied. Requires radio system & batteries. Radio: Ready to install your preferred radio system. We recommend using a system that has “End point adjustment” to have the ability to adjust the travel on the servos. Batteries: We recommend installing our USB boat rechargeable packages that are correct weight for class rules & fit on the servo tray. Our yachts have been developed for racing, so they not only look good but actually sail. With 11 different tuning adjustments, the sail shape can be altered to obtain a balanced performance both up & down wind. With the carbon mast, there is less rigging so no shrouds & spreaders - makes for easy setup. Product support is available across the world & with the spares & accessories including 3 further rigs/sails to keep you sailing in almost any wind condition. Join over 35,000 skippers sailing/racing DF65's & DF95's around the world. Warranty: The electronics in these yachts (rudder servo, winch servo, switch, batteries, leads) are not waterproof and all care must be taken to keep the hull dry. Any water ingress that has damaged these components and will not be covered under the warranty.


Length: 950 mm

Width: 125 mm

Rig Height: 1050 mm

Overall Height: 1470 mm

RTR Total weight: 2000g (Batteries not included)

Sail Area (Mainsail): 2314 cm2

Sail Area (Jib): 1422 cm2

Sail Area (Overall): 3736 cm2

Hull Material: Moulded plastic with painted finish and logo sticker Boat Box dimension: 105 x 3.8 x 13.2 cm What’s included: Fully Painted, Moulded Plastic Hull 50 micron mylar film racing sails with painted flow stripes and logo Moulded carbon fibre keel with zinc ballast bulb Metal geared rudder servo and fast, powerful sail winch ARTR - No radio system supplied Display stand (Moulded plastic and glass fibre tubes).

Requires radio system & batteries


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