DF65 A+ Light Sails V1.2

51.50 €


DF65 A+ Light Sails V.2
Following the development of previous model (V1.2) the V2 is a new proposal for the DF65 with many new features and innovations.The guide lines for this new model are in many ways similar to the previous, minimal design and light weight construction. However this time there is also the intent to pull the wide point / curve of the sails further back.With this goal in mind on the main new fingers where designed, new asymmetric battens and new head layout. Luff configuration is the same has V1.2 with -2mm.On the jib we have a new luff pocket made with the same ply has the sail with only one seam and all around new fingers and reinforcements.All these elements will benefit greatly these sails in weight and shape.This sail will be initially available in 35 mylar in limited numbers.

*All sail suits come with class logo and luff wire standard (No country letters & Numbers). **To add country letters and numbers go to Extras menu and choose your class and add to the basket.